Artha’s 4 Quick Tips for Pivoting Your Courses from In-Person to Online

Moving your in-person course to an online format? We do that for a living. Our team works with professors, instructors, and facilitators to convert their in-person courses to engaging eLearning courses. It is a collaborative and detailed process and takes us anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to get a reimagined new course out to the world.

Most of us don’t have that luxury of time anymore due to the evolving Covid-19 restrictions. The pivot is sudden, solitary and mandated. Much of what we do (like custom video shoots) is not possible or practical for now. But there are some golden principles we’ve learned in our work that can help.

Our whitepaper considers the process of building a remote learning course at length. At over 3000 words, it’s a ~30 min read that is totally worth the time, with techniques, tools and examples, however, here is a tl/dr list of the essentials from the white paper:

Heading reads "the Big Four" Followed by four circles that read "Content, Delivery, Engagement, Revise"

First, work on your content.

  • Don’t assume the same content will work in any format
  • Contain ambition. Be practical. Curate
  • Consider content dissemination carefully
  • Remove things that will not work in the digital medium
  • Add things that work wonderfully in the digital medium

Second, work on your delivery

  • Don’t ignore the basics
  • Address the elephant in the room – tech issues happen to everyone
  • Play. Practice. Perform. only pick features you are familiar with

Third, work on your learner’s engagement

  • Build strategies to bring in participation in synchronous course delivery
  • Employ activities that turn asynchronous students into a community of learners
  • Reimagine assessments – separate what works well from what doesn’t.

Fourth, Work and Rework

  • Take notes on improvements and issues
  • Take suggestions from attendees
  • Keep improving

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