AI-Enabled eLearning
AI-Enabled eLearning

Innovation at your doorstep!

eLearning modules enhanced with Generative Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) capabilities can add new powerful methods to learning within your existing LMS and authoring tool!

Artha Learning makes it possible to bring AI-enhanced eLearning to your organization. Get bespoke AI interactions crafted by our award-winning team or Use an easily customizable plugin and stay on the edge of innovation with the latest in AI Technology integrated right within your eLearning modules.

See examples of what AI-enabled modules can do, or jump to our AIReady offering.

The fast-changing AI landscape can be both exciting and intimidating. We can guide you on how best to leverage this wave of innovation for your learners.

Possibilities with AI-Enabled eLearning

AIREADY - Build AI-Enabled eLearning, easily.

AIReady, an innovative offering by Artha Learning, seamlessly integrates your eLearning modules with the power of OpenAI’s API, without the need to alter your existing learning tech stack. It fits right into your current LMS and authoring tools with minimal technical expertise needed. 

The Artha team of AI in L&D Experts can build your custom AI enabled activity, or enable your tam to do it yourself. Use it on one or all of your eLearning modules, and revolutionize and personalize your learner’s journey with the power of AI.

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