Custom Development

If you’re looking for learning solutions that are specific to your organizational needs, and where you have control over the content, then custom courses are a good choice. They also make sense if you want to maintain IP rights on the content or are specific about branding, look and feel, or need content in many languages.

If instead you need a quick, easy and inexpensive learning solution on generic topic, check out our Ready+ ® Course Library.

Answer to both these questions – it depends! We’ll need to know the scope of the project (length, interactivity level, technical level), source readiness, timelines, multimedia requirements etc. The best way to know for sure is to get in touch with us. We’ll estimate your project cost and timelines with no obligation whatsoever.

This is our favorite question! Check out our process in detail here.

We have worked with a lot of different industries– and do have a great understanding of a number of key industries – but at our core, we are industry agnostic. We understand and design for how adults learn online in a self-paced environment. What topic/industry they are learning about does not matter to us, because we leverage your team’s expertise on that. Think of us as your website or social media developer. We take care of the digital learning piece, while utilizing your subject matter experts for industry specific content.

For custom development, we typically need your time on two main milestones – providing us source content and context at the very start of the project, and reviewing and approving content developed throughout the project. We do the heavy lifting once we have the source materials from you.

Ready+ ®

If you’re looking for a high-quality, ready-to-go and easy-to-customize learning solution – then you should explore the Ready+ ® course library. With a one-time only payment, you get the source file and can save on staff time and energy – while providing your learners with an engaging and impactful solution! Ready+ ® courses can be implemented immediately out of the box if needed.

Yes, you do! No recurring fees at all.

Visually, we can add your accent colour, logo and font. Content-wise, we can update the content (such as case studies or quiz questions) or add new content (such as a video message from your CEO!)

You can choose to purchase the Storyline 360 source file. You can then make any edit in your copy of the file that you need.

We have intentionally made these courses very affordable! For organizations up to 3000 employees, nonprofits and educational institutions, individual courses are priced at $3,590 – which includes unlimited use within your organization and a one-time customization of logo and colours. If you’d like, we can customize your course content for an additional $3,450. And own the source code for an additional $1,990. Get discounts up to 20% on purchasing multiple courses. For larger organizations, please contact us for a custom quote.

Yes, you can! (See pricing above.) . Usage restrictions for number of employees enrolled still apply.

Just what you’d expect, really: You cannot resell the course, reuse the course design, or use the course in any organization other than the one specified in the licensing agreement. If your situation is more complicated, just reach out to us for more details. That’s it!

Of course, just contact us at ready@arthalearning.com and we’ll get you a Limited-time access to preview the course(s) you’re interested in.