Artha Learning Inc Supports Ekal Vidyalaya

Artha Learning Inc is proud to announce its support for the educational initiatives of Ekal Canada, a not-for-profit organization working in the field of primary education, basic health and economic development in rural and tribal areas of India.

About Ekal

A school consists of 25 to 40 children and there are no formal school buildings. Classes are held under a tree, in a verandah, or wherever else is available. A blackboard, teacher and students form the classroom. The corporate sponsorship from Artha Learning will cover complete operational costs of many such 1-Teacher schools and bring basic education to many children.

Ekal believes it is a commencement of a great relationship between a non-profit charity and for-profit organization as they are both have the larger good of society at their heart. Funds donated by Artha will be utilized for the Ekal schools in remote parts of India.

Artha’s Sponsorship

Garima Gupta, Founder & CEO, Artha Learning said, “Artha Learning is known for its work in high-quality digital education. At the same time, we also recognise the disparity in access to foundational primary education in different parts of our world. We are committed to doing our bit in bringing education to everyone and are very proud to be a part of Ekal’s amazing mission”. Ekal Canada runs 1-teacher schools known as Ekal Vidyalayas in the remote tribal villages where even the basic necessities of life such as roads, hospitals, schools, clean water etc are not available.

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