We enlisted the services of Artha

We enlisted the services of Artha Learning to build two multi-media productions for us as part of a new bar admission program in Canada. Although the people working on this project from our team are experienced lawyers, educators and subject matter experts, none of us had experience with multi-media. Garima and her amazing team were with us every step of the way, coming up with creative ways to deliver our content and achieve the required learning outcomes.

The result is a multi-media experience that is exceptional visually, substantively and pedagogically. Artha team demonstrated exceptional patience as we worked through design dilemmas working through the process, as these were complex products focused on teaching the skills lawyers need to know to practice law. Who would have thought that learning Trust Accounting could actually be fun? But, thanks to Artha Learning, it is!

Janet Pierce, Project Manager & Education Consultant, Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP),
Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED)

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