Integrating People With Disabilities
Instructional Design Consulting for Online Course Design

Supporting higher-ed faculty to migrate to quality online instruction through a 3-Phase eLearning Design Consulting Methodology in a pandemic-induced emergency.

Being Aisatu
Being Asiatu – Building Empathy with Gamification

Change Mindsets through a serious game that brings down internal barriers and makes players empathetic to the plight of the character they are playing as.

Acces Leadership
Story-based Learning on Essential Leadership Skills for Highly Qualified Immigrants

True-to-life modules for the highly qualified and experienced immigrants to receive experiential and hands-on learning on essential leadership skills suited for Canadian job market.

Case Studies

Experiential Learning to Build Interpersonal Skills

Award winning, hands-on and engaging eLearning modules that create a safe space for learners to watch, try and learn various core skills such as negotiating, drafting, and interviewing.

Experiential Learning
Guided Self-Coaching for New Supervisors and Managers

Award-winning course utilizing a blend of synchronous and asynchronous instruction with reflective individual and group activities to explore their full potential themselves.

Guided Self Coaching
A Blended Approach for Comprehensive Learning

An award-winning combination of in-class and online learning approaches to ensure a seamless, engaging and thought-provoking experience for the learners.

Blended 1