Our Clients
Artha takes great pride in its excellent client satisfaction and retention record. Many of our clients have come back again and again with new projects because of our partnership approach and commitment to meticulous project management and high-quality work. We provide impactful services for an impressive list of marquee clients, each one of which is very special to us.

Our Custom Development Clients

  • family councils ontario
  • access employment
  • medecins sans frontieres doctorswithout borders
  • itso
  • we connect international
  • ontario real estate association
  • ontario
  • government of canada
  • shared services canada
  • markham
  • environment and climate change canada
  • pay equility office
  • leadership
  • schulich school of busniess
  • western
  • school pf continuing studies
  • risc
  • mcmaster university
  • hember
  • st.lawerence collage
  • emond
  • yueli
  • cpled
  • areoseal
  • chartered professional accountants
  • reliva
  • william osler health system
  • jsr
  • ivari
  • hemsleyfraser
  • vale
  • launch
  • osgoode hall law school professional
  • lassonde
  • osgoode hall law school
  • rotman commerce
  • schulish
  • olg

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Client Testimonials

Garima and her team at Artha Learning were wonderful to work with. For our non-profit work, visibility and agreement on budget expectations are extremely important, and Garima’s estimates were well researched, thorough, and accurate. She brought a transparency to project management that was a relief when planning project budgets and timelines, and she intuited my needs as a client. She brought a remarkable professionalism to our e-learning projects. I also had the pleasure of working directly with some of the Artha Learning team. Garima has created, and leads, a great team that is friendly and professional while also delivering on time and on budget. They were welcome collaborators in our weekly project meetings and their technologic expertise enhanced our projects. I would certainly recommend Garima and Artha Learning for any e-learning project.

Jennifer Belanger, Project Manager, Médecins Sans Frontières

It was a superb experience working with Garima. She is very well organized, highly skilled, dedicated and strategic when she plans and develops eLearning courses. She has been doing an amazing job to develop eLearning programs for us.

Esther WangYu, Associate Director, Schulich Executive Education Centre

We enlisted the services of Artha Learning to build two multi-media productions for us as part of a new bar admission program in Canada. Although the people working on this project from our team are experienced lawyers, educators and subject matter experts, none of us had experience with multi-media. Garima and her amazing team were with us every step of the way, coming up with creative ways to deliver our content and achieve the required learning outcomes. The result is a multi-media experience that is exceptional visually, substantively and pedagogically. Artha team demonstrated exceptional patience as we worked through design dilemmas working through the process, as these were complex products focused on teaching the skills lawyers need to know to practice law. Who would have thought that learning Trust Accounting could actually be fun? But, thanks to Artha Learning, it is!

Janet Pierce, Project Manager & Education Consultant, Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP), Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED)

Artha Learning led by Garima has provided top-notch eLearning consulting services to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Her approach is consultative and includes expertise in eLearning technology, structure, presentation and assessment methods. Garima takes an agile approach – she is able to move quickly and easily through the development process by producing small chunks of content to the client/project team. This promotes collaboration by bringing stakeholders together early in the process, and regularly throughout, leading to better course content cohesion. She maximises adult learning principles to ensure content is visually appealing and cognitively engaging. Artha Learning is a welcomed asset to the MSF learning services team and I would recommend her to anyone seeking professional eLearning solutions.

Rita Sookrit, Head of Learning, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

“I had the pleasure of working with Garima to help us take our career guide online into an engaging experience for over 3,000 students at the Schulich School of Business. Not only was this the most painless development process that I have ever been through, but Garima added so much value to the experience that we can’t help but recommend her to anyone that needs to go through something similar. She was on time with every deliverable and kept us on track through the whole process. Nothing bad to say and I can’t wait to use her again!”

Mark Freedman, Industry Manager, CDC Schulich School of Business

In Operations Center Brussels, we are confident about our collaboration with Garima’s team. They are super proactive and are able to “translate” all the technical requirements in a user-friendly online tool.

Pauline Chancellée, HR Learning Officer, Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium

Working with Garima is like working with a business partner. She listens, has patience and provides insightful responses. We have a short term project together in which Garima is leading. She has a unique ability to force one to second guess their initial response and come up with an improved and more effective one. What a pleasure to work with!

Sanjay Dhebar, Instructor, Schulich Executive Education Centre

The Artha Learning team was fantastic to work with, they were quick to understand our vision and bring it to reality. We are very pleased with the final product. Karen Sedore  Director, Organizational Development | William Osler Health System