Custom learning design is unique for each instance by definition. Browse some of our case studies to learn how we’ve helped learners just like yours. Each case study details a specific organizational need, our solution and the outcome for that particular case. If you’d like more information around any specific case study, feel free to reach out to us.

Many of these courses are award-winning digital learning experiences. Looking for something you don’t see here? Contact us for a live demo with an eLearning expert.

A Blended Curriculum for Global Impact for WEConnect International

A multimodal curriculum to bring attitudinal changes in learners through effective learning strategy, design, development and delivery.

Integrating People with Disabilities

An engaging compliance training that helped our non-profit client develop an inclusive and compassionate work culture.

Interactivity and Accessibility in Onboarding

Bilingual Onboarding and Compliance training for a large Government organization

Interactive Engaging Financial Education

Deepening lawyers understanding of accounting and Financial Statements

Hiring for Diversity And Merit

DEI Training with a twist – provide hiring managers in financial sector with the real-life like training to ensure they hire the best people for the job without bias.

Building a Safer Workplace with eLearning

Compliance Course with interesting and innovative Branching scenarios for a healthcare environment

Interactive Learning for City Employees

Engaging training to government city employees about maintaining city records.

Branched and Gamified eLearning for Pre Certification Learners

Award winning course teaching essential technical and life skills through a branched, realistic story.

Experiential Learning to Build Interpersonal Skills

Award winning, hands-on and engaging eLearning modules that create a safe space for learners to watch, try and learn various core skills such as negotiating, drafting, and interviewing.

Guided Self-Coaching for New Supervisors and Managers

Award-winning course utilizing a blend of synchronous and asynchronous instruction with reflective individual and group activities to explore their full potential themselves.

A Blended Approach for Comprehensive Learning

An award-winning combination of in-class and online learning approaches to ensure a seamless, engaging and thought-provoking experience for the learners.

Leveraging Personalized Learning Approach for Handling a Complex Stock Management Software

Many roles, many tasks, a 700-page guide, and an adaptive, personalized learning solution to handle them all.

Onboarding New Hires for Assimilation in Organization’s Culture

Enjoyable and interactive onboarding that not only provides all requisite policy introductions, but also welcomes and introduces new hires to the company culture.

Story-based Learning on Essential Leadership Skills for Highly Qualified Immigrants

True-to-life modules for the highly qualified and experienced immigrants to receive experiential and hands-on learning on essential leadership skills suited for Canadian job market.

Being Asiatu – Building Empathy with Gamification

Change Mindsets through a serious game that brings down internal barriers and makes players empathetic to the plight of the character they are playing as.

Instructional Design Consulting for Online Course Design

Supporting higher-ed faculty to migrate to quality online instruction through a 3-Phase eLearning Design Consulting Methodology in a pandemic-induced emergency.

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