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Why Bother?

Why bother being accessible?  How many learners do you want to reach?  Who is your audience?  Do you know what they need to understand your messages?  Are you wasting your time?  Did you know there are a lot of different things that can cause someone to struggle to access your content?  Well, did you know that more a billion people have a disability? Don’t you want your message to reach them, and, really, as many people as possible as you can? Also, it’s the right thing to do. That’s why you bother.


Here is our Padlet including Resources & Tools to make your learning more accessible, equitable, fun and better for everyone!


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Check out this amazing sketch note done by Janet Holmes!

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by Janet Holmes,

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Learning Solutions (LSDX 2021) Recording:

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Can we help? Reach out to our team if you need support planning, building, or testing your digital learning content for accessibility.